Our Team


Good day! My name is Chandra Steiner and I am the president of First in Flight.  I have been a member of Women in Aviation since 2007 but long before have had my eyes to the skies.  Currently, I fly a A320/321s for JetBlue Airways out of New York, NY.  I love inspiring young girls and women to chase their dreams, for anything is possible if you have the passion and desire to achieve your goals. In the future, I look forward to accomplishing my 9 year old dream of flying internationally around the world. 


Vice President

Hello, my name is Elijah Motley! I’m a relatively new member of WAI but I wanted to be involved as a leader. I’m from Roanoke, Virginia and I’ve wanted to be a fly since my parents took me on a discovery flight for my 10th birthday. My focus is to educate and promote the opportunities aviation can offer to youth. I’m currently a First officer at PSA Airlines and I fly the CRJ 900. I hope to one day fly wide body aircraft all over the world!




Hello! My name is Rachel Martin. I joined First in Flight this year and knew I wanted to get involved with the members by becoming the 2017 Secretary.  I am currently a First Officer at PSA Airlines flying CRJ700.  I have been involved in aviation since my first discovery flight in 2002 from EAA.  I look forward to help motivate girls and women to join the aviation community!



I’m Adrienne Stapleton. I attended flight school at Western Michigan University, where I received a Bachelors degree in Aviation Flight Sciences then went on to flight instructing. After gaining the required flight time I flew CRJ200s/700s for PSA  and am now a First Officer for American Airlines flying an A320.  I get to fulfill my dreams and hope to use my experience to inspire other young women to follow their dreams.


Outreach Chair

Hi! My name is Marie Kogiso.  As a former flight attendant for Delta Air Lines, I found love for traveling and flying.  I decided to expand my career by attending ATP flight school where I obtained all my ratings.  Shortly after, I taught students how to fly out of Phoenix, AZ.  Today I fly CRJ 200s/700s/900s for PSA Airlines out of Charolette, NC. As the Vice President of First in Flight, I want to encourage your minds into obtaining their dreams they may not think is possible. 


Membership Chair

My name is Val Barrett and I am a First Officer for United Airlines flying the B737.  I helped start the First in Flight chapter in Central North Carolina with other like minded women one day in a coffee shop.  We have been growing ever since .  It is my goal to support and bring together women in the aviation industry as well as encourage your women to reach for the stars.