Hello, my name is Lynnette Decesare.  This is only my second year in First in Flight and only 3 1/2 years in the aviation industry.  I am the granddaughter of a “Grandfather of Aviation”. My grandfather was a pilot for PanAm, where his crew was the first to cross the Andres mountain range with navigation and the first to use two communication over the Andres in a commercial aircraft. I just finished my instrument rating and am on my way to a commercial certificate and multi-engine rating. I bought a Cessna 150 back in 2017 to aid me in obtaining my goal of becoming an airline pilot. What an eye-opener it has been, I’ve learned so much about planes!  Currently, I am a Flight Attendant for JetBlue Airways, where one day I hope to be a First Officer and follow in my Grandfather’s footsteps.

Vice President

Hello, my name is Elijah Motley and I am VP of First in Flight. I’ve been an active member of our chapter for the past three years.  I’m from Roanoke, Virginia and I wanted to be a pilot since my parents took me on a discovery flight for my 10th birthday. My focus is to educate and promote the opportunities aviation can offer to youth. I’m currently a Captain at PSA Airlines and I fly the CRJ 900. I hope to one day fly wide-body aircraft all over the world!


Hello, my name is Val Duggan and I am a 737 First Officer with United.  I feel so fortunate to get to do what I love.  I had my first discovery flight when I was 16, and I was hooked!  A few of us aviation enthusiasts met in a coffee shop one day to form the First in Flight Chapter and we have been growing ever since. My dream is to help lift up anyone who has the dream to explore aviation and to help us all connect and inspire one another.


I’m Adrienne Stapleton.  I learned how to fly at Western Michigan University where I received a Bachelors degree in Aviation Flight Sciences.  I went on to gain experience as a flight instructor and then flying CRJs for PSA Airlines.  I am now a First Officer for American Airlines flying an A320.  I am so fortunate to be able to fulfill my lifelong dream of flying and hope to inspire other young women to do the same.

Outreach Chair

Hello All! I am Christina Williams, a recent graduate of Auburn University’s Aviation Program. I have been active in WAI since 2016 when a group of dedicated students successfully created the War Eagle Chapter. In 2018 several others and I brought back Eta Mu Sigma, the Aviation Honor Society. After graduation in 2019, I joined Mountain Air Cargo in North Carolina and have had the absolute pleasure to be involved in every department in the company through special projects. I love being a part of the entire operation and thrive in the high energy of a small operation. Mentoring students is a passion I certainly miss. If anyone wants to learn more about the Aviation Industry, aviation school programs, or college life I would love to speak with you!

Girls In Aviation Day Chair

My name is Carrie Peterson and I have been a WAI member since 2001, this will be my second year as the GIAD chair. I have been in the aviation industry for 25 years. I started working as a ticket, gate, ramp, and operations agent in Bangor, Maine. After falling in love with the idea of working at the airport, I decided to obtain my pilot’s certificates while working as a Flight Attendant for United Airlines. I am currently a First Officer for American Airlines flying the Boeing 777. I have volunteered for many communities over the years and am truly excited to help anyone who shares a passion for aviation as much as I do!